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How I learned to paint (and some course recommendations)

I learned to be proficient in acrylic by taking many art classes as a child, and then learned to paint in oils during my degree at FAU. After graduating I developed tendonitis and also was living in an apartment without ventilation, so to solve both of those problems I picked up watercolor via online classes. I found that I loved the medium and so I've been using it ever since.

Heidi Willis' online courses are the main ones I used to learn to paint in Watercolor. I use many of her techniques in my work. They are available here.

I also have taken some of Katia Petrovsky's courses, which are available here.

I haven't taken Tracy Lizotte's painting courses but have followed her work for years and think they would be great choices. She has a variety of lessons not only about watercolor but also about composition, color, subject, etc. They are available here.
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