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Red Cockaded Woodpeckers Watercolor Painting by Kim Heise
Red Cockaded Woodpeckers, watercolor on paper, 18x24" Sold

Chapmans Cassia watercolor painting by Kim Heise
Chapman's Cassia, watercolor on paper, 12x12"
Florida Leafwig Butterfly watercolor painting by Kim Heise
Florida Leafwing, Watercolor on paper, 7.5x7.5" Sold
Heise_Key Deer.jpg
Key Deer, watercolor on paper, 46x46" Sold
California Sister and Lorquin's Admiral watercolor paintig by Kim Heise
California Sister and Lorquin's Admiral, watercolor on paper 7.5x7.5" Available
Imagining Landscape, relief printing, collaboration with artist Ingrid Barreneche 2019-2020
Pine Rockland Zine 2019 Climate Change, collaboration with The Frank gallery
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