Commission Information

Custom Watercolor Illustrations 

I will illustrate your favorite Florida native species! Contact me with a description of the idea, size, and date you need it by (if applicable) and I'll email you back with a quote in 1-3 business days.

Scientific Illustration

Its one of my passions to make work that aids in the conservation of species, so its a great joy to collaborate with scientists, conservationists and educators on illustrations that can help enrich their scientific papers, articles, talks, presentations, classrooms, etc. If you are such a person or organization and are looking for illustration(s) in that category, read on! 


- For individuals or non-profits: Interested in digital images only? I will create custom illustrations and send you the digital image for a greatly reduced rate (or free!). Please contact me with a description of the idea and what it will be used for. You are also welcome to use any of my past illustrations for these purposes free of charge by including my name and website ( on or near the image(s) (contact me so I can send you higher quality images of these past works). 

Past projects include:

- The MPRC coloring book Get To Know South Florida's Pine Rockland Critters (shown bottom right)

-California Sister and Lorquin's Admiral, watercolor on paper 7.5x7.5" 2019. (shown top right) Made to compliment this fascinating research

- For-profit institutions: Please contact me with a description of the idea and what it will be used for and I'll send a quote in 1-3 business days. I will do illustrations for web or print articles, books, and products. Licensing options available.

Things I will paint 
Florida native plants and animals


Exceptions include: native plants and animals of other states/countries to be used for research, education or conservation purposes. 

I don't do
Lettering, tattoo, comics/cartoons/anime, people, graphic design, or pet portraits.

Califoria Sister and Lorquin's Admiral watercolor art by Kim Heise