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Custom Watercolor Illustrations and Scientific Illustration

One of my great passions and joys is to make work that aids in the conservation or celebration of our Florida species. I love to collaborate and I'm always looking for opportunities to do so.


For individuals, scientists, conservationists, or educators Contact me about illustrations that can help enrich your scientific papers, articles, talks, presentations, classrooms, or other conservation projects. Use digital images of past illustrations for free for these purposes by including my name and website on or near the image (contact me if you need higher resolution images for a fee).

Past projects include:

-California Sister and Lorquin's Admiral 2019 was made to compliment this fascinating research

-Bartram's Hairstreak Lifecycle 2020 was made to be used in the presentations by scientist Erika Henry who is studying this endangered Pine Rockland species.

If you are a small non-profit, small business or small group (or working with/for one) Contact me about image licensing, custom illustrations, or long-term collaborations that can help liven your website, be used on products, or for marketing. Payment plans available. 

Past projects include:

- Get To Know South Florida's Pine Rockland Critters 2018 is a coloring book made in collaboration with the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition (follow the link for a free download!)

-Pine Rockland Working Group convention website.

-14 illustrations of common Florida native plants that host butterflies, in collaboration with Bound By Beauty (coming soon) 

For large business, non-profits or other groups (or working with/for one) contact me about illustrations for websites, trail signs, publications or any other collaborations not included above! Payment plans available.

Past projects include:

-Pine Rockland Zine Climate Change Edition 2019 was a publication made in collaboration with The Frank Gallery in Pembroke Pines for the October 17th art show "Art For The Earth: Artists On Climate Change" 

-Policies for People and Planet 2019 zine was a guest piece made for the wonderful Zebra Cat Zebra zine.

- Maps of the Florida peninsula and of Tampa bay in collaboration with Into Nature Films (coming soon)

-Trail signs for Pinecrest Gardens upper garden 

Things I will paint 
Florida native plants and animals, painted realistically in watercolor for personal or business use

I don't do
Other art styles, people, graphic design, or pet portraits.

Get to Know Florida's Pine Rockland Crit
Califoria Sister and Lorquin's Admiral watercolor art by Kim Heise
Bartram's Hairstreak Life Cycle small wi
Pine Rockland tiny stuff
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