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Commission Information

I love to work with art/nature lovers on personal, business or educational projects that celebrate Florida Native plants and animals, or support conservation. 

My specialties are watercolor, realism, representing scientifically accurate behaviors and relationships between species, and doing it in my own unique style. Attention to detail and collaboration are my strengths. My work is best suited for those looking for a high level of finish, scientific illustration with a connection to fine art, and images in my specific style. 


To get started, tell me a little bit about your project with the Contact form.  I will email you back with additional questions, information and quotes. I look forward to working with you.

What I do
Florida native plants and animals, painted realistically in watercolor, for personal or business use. I can also do concept sketches, finished graphite drawings, and light graphic design depending on the project. The cost of each project is unique, and normally ranging between $75 - $2000 for smaller projects. I'm happy to provide a quote, or a range of quotes. I'm also happy to accept a small number of reduced-rate projects per year, especially for those working in conservation or education. Please contact me here with some initial ideas for your project, and your budget if you have one. 


Past collaborations and commissions include original artwork for use on websites, trail signs, videos, guides, magazines, products, logos, murals, research presentations and personal collections. See below for examples of past projects.


A single painting or illustration takes an average of 2 to 6 weeks to complete, and varies with complexity. We begin by discussing the project and then I send some initial ideas and sketches. Half of the total cost of the project is due after the sketches are approved, and is non-refundable. Then I begin creating the final piece. An original painting and a digital image is created out of this process. For projects that utilize the digital image, an image license is also created. The last half of the cost of the project is due after delivery.

I don't do
With some exceptions, I don't paint species not native to or ranging in Florida, non-realistic, other art styles or mediums. While my work has been used in logos, marketing, and to educate/raise awareness for local species, my specialty is in art and collaboration, not particularly in advertising.

Others things I do

For images of single butterflies, birds and other animals suitable for most uses except for products and branding, visit my digital downloads shop. 


I also offer image licensing of my past works, shows, workshops, presentations, and wholesale (of items in my prints shop)

Commission examples (Click to enlarge + get info):

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