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Purple garden Large.jpg
Miami Garden, Native Plants with White Flowers
Watercolor 12x12"
Miami Garden, Native Plants with Red and Yellow Flowers
Watercolor 12x12"
Miami Garden, Native Plants with Purple and Yellow Flowers
Watercolor 12x12"
These three paintings are for an upcoming educational publication by Miami-based Bound By Beauty. Their goal is to provide resources for Miami gardeners to choose native plants. These paintings approximate what certain plant pairing look like.
Historical Map Finished2 small.jpg
Historic Everglades Map, Watercolor 14x24"
These three map illustrations are for an upcoming video called "Dreaming of the Everglades" by the South Florida Natural Resources Center at Everglades National Park, being produced by Into Nature Films. They show the ideal past (I used the 1500's for this), the current everglades with it's many canals built by the US Army Corps in the 1900's, and a hope for the future that more water will move into the everglades again with the construction of the EAA reservoirs and canal changes. More water would mean less salt water intrusion in the aquifer and more birds. 
Current Map Finished small .jpg
Future map finished small .jpg
Florida Native Bees Medium.jpg
Modern Everglades Map
Watercolor 14x24"
Future Everglades Map
Watercolor 14x24"
Florida Native Bees, Watercolor 12x12"
These three illustrations are for Pinecrest Garden's Upper Trail signs. They focus on backyard nature in South Florida and building habitat for native species. 
Owls Medium.jpg
Lizards small.jpg
Florida Native Owls, Watercolor 12x12"
Florida Native Lizards, Watercolor 12x12"
Seagrape and anole small.jpg
Seagrapes and Anole, watercolor 9x13"
Monarch and Swamp Milkweed Websize.jpg
Monarch and Swamp Milkweed, watercolor 8.5x11"