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Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals

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I'm a watercolorist in South Florida celebrating local native plants and animals. I combine scientific illustration with fine art, often focusing on the relationships between species. I enjoy learning about and painting everything from the well-loved Florida panther to the inconspicuous lawn “weed”. I'm also interested in how art intersects with environmental conservation in Florida and I enjoy working with others on projects with conservation goals.

Growing up in South Florida I fell in love with nature but was alarmed at the fast rate of habitat destruction in my area and state-wide. Art became a way for me to feel connected with the natural world when access to habitats became sparce. I practiced drawing and acrylic painting as a child, then oil painting and traditional printmaking during my BFA in Painting at FAU; graduating in 2016. After an injury shortly after graduating I took up watercolor painting, learning via online classes, and have been using the medium ever since.

In 2016 I began to focus my practice entirely on local plants and animals. I believe that celebrating our local natural environments and native species is important for our health and culture, as well as the for the health of the plants and animals we share spaces with. I love the projects I've done with conservation groups, such as coloring books, trail signs, maps, logos, trail guides and other resources. Painting these beautiful species that I see and love allows me to know them better, and in turn educate and share that love with those who see my work. 
On this site you can purchase originals and prints, view my work, read my blog, download some stuff, or contact me. Use the navigation at the top!
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