Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals

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Nature is incredibly beautiful, but the imbalance between us and nature is becoming increasingly critical. I believe that exposure to art and beauty creates the flashpoint for the love of nature that forms the foundation of conservation. Illustration already plays a critical role in education, and I believe that scientific illustration elevated to the level of fine art is crucial to building the sustainable relationship to nature that will be required for a balanced future. For humans and our environment to coexist, we must go beyond the attainment of knowledge about our world, but a love of nature must permeate our culture including in our institutions of joy and play. The increased appearance of local, nuanced nature in fine art is one aspect of this aspirational future.

As a watercolorist in South Florida, my goal is to celebrate local native plants, animals and their relationships, from the well-loved Florida panther to the inconspicuous “weed” in your lawn that also happens to be an important host plant to 4 native butterflies. My process is to both analytically seek information about local systems, as well as experientially enjoy the spaces. I * indicates a required field * indicates a required field synthesize these two approaches into art that is both educational and visually joyful. I marry hyper realism and whole system representation with the composition, color and touch of fine art.

I'm also a member of the Viridis Art Collective, our website is here.

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