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Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals

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Artist statement 

I'm a watercolorist in South Florida painting local native plants and animals. My goal is to celebrate and communicate the beauty and importance of these native species with others through scientific accuracy, and a special interest in the relationships between species. I do this by focusing on the intricate details and often working with photographers to accomplish a high degree of definition. I'm interested as well in how art intersects with environmental conservation in Florida and I enjoy working with others on projects with conservation goals. My work has been used to help to raise awareness about threatened species, engage the community in conservation efforts, and educate children and adults alike. I've helped create coloring books, trail signs, maps, logos, trail guides, public murals and other resources. Notable partnerships include the Plant Portrait series with Bound by Beauty, which has been used to spread the word about often overlooked local native plants, The Who Lives In The Everglades coloring book commissioned by The Everglades Foundation which is free to download, and the Birds At Play mural which is a temporary public work commissioned by the City of West Palm Beach’s ArtLife Public Art program: 8 Artists 8 Spaces that makes info about local native bird species accessible to library patrons. 


I make the art that I would like to see more of in my community; art that celebrates our unique habitats and the species that inhabit them. Our local species are distinct from anywhere else in the world, and it brings me great joy to celebrate and bring more of that uniqueness into our everyday lives.


Growing up in South Florida I fell in love with nature but was alarmed at the fast rate of habitat destruction in my area and state-wide. Art became a way for me to feel connected with the natural world, as well as a way for me to share my love for these species with others and support conservation efforts. I practiced drawing and acrylic painting as a child, then oil painting and traditional printmaking during my BFA in Painting at FAU; graduating in 2014. After an injury shortly after graduating I took up watercolor painting, learning via online classes, and have been using the medium ever since. I feel that watercolor is not only beautiful, but it also is great at translating fine details with scientific accuracy. In 2016 my subject matter became focused on local plants and animals and I began to collaborate with others on projects with conservation goals. For the past 8 years I’ve enjoyed deepening my knowledge of local ecology and conservation through these projects, and look forward to creating more beautiful and useful native species artwork.

On this site you can purchase originals and prints, view my work, read my blog, download some stuff, or contact me. Use the navigation at the top!
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