Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals


I'm also a member of the Viridis Art Collective, our website is here.

I paint relationships between Florida native plants and animals through watercolor, as realistically as possible, but not without some colorful watercolor washes here and there! My work is a celebration of the beauty of Florida species.

Florida's natural landscape is one of beautiful towering pine forests, rolling grasslands and cool swamps at the mercy of runaway urban sprawl. Seeing this biodiversity destroyed at an alarming rate prompts me to conserve through art what I can't save from bulldozers. I hope that by bringing these stories to light they might be better protected. I'm encouraged by the art and story of Audubon, who's work I stylistically emulate, and who's effect on conservation in the early 1900's gives me hope.

I love to partner with individuals, local businesses, organizations and scientists who share my love of species and conservation vision. I create illustrations for personal enjoyment, for educational material, or to support conservation projects and fundraises. Current collaborations include illustrations of native plant gardens with Bound By Beauty to help Miami gardeners choose native plants, and maps of the Florida peninsula with Into Nature Films to show projected improvements to the everglades with the construction of the EAA reservoir. Of personal interest is the Florida panther and Pine Rocklands habitat, which I celebrate through my ongoing series’ of paintings and zines. 

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