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Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals

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I'm also a member of the Viridis Art Collective, our website is here.

As a watercolorist in South Florida, my goal is to celebrate and support the urgent conservation of local native plants and animals. I combine scientific illustration with fine art, often focusing on the relationships between species. I enjoy learning about and painting everything from the well-loved Florida panther to the inconspicuous lawn “weed”. Art is one way that people come to know and love animals and plants.

I live and work in Kendall, Florida. I practiced drawing and acrylic painting as a child, then oil painting and traditional printmaking during my BFA in Painting at FAU; graduating in 2016. After an injury shortly after graduating I took up watercolor painting, learning via online classes, and have been using the medium ever since. In 2016, alarmed by the fast rate of habitat destruction in South Florida, I began to focus on conservation issues and painting Florida native plants and animals to celebrate and educate people about them. My interest in art’s role in conservation led me to experiment with various formats, delivery systems and collaborations. I've created zines (tiny magazines), interactive installations and even included writings directly into my paintings. In collaboration with conservation groups, I have made illustrations for coloring books, trail signs, maps, logos, trail guides and other resources. Current interests are native plants, pine rocklands habitat and Florida panthers.
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