Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals

I hope to inspire others to learn about our species, to plant native and to protect habitats throughout this state so that these unique and beautiful things last. On this website, you can look at my original art by year, read about my Pine Rockland Zine, shop for prints and originals, or contact me about commissions or other questions:


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About me:

I’m a watercolor artist living and working in South Florida, painting native plants and animals to promote awareness of our local endangered species and their habitats. I hope my paintings teach you about a new species of plant, or inspire you to enjoy and protect some of our iconic endemic species!


Local plants and animals can struggle for survival while remaining largely unknown. They don't get the kind of attention an elephant or tiger gets, but are equally endangered and fascinating! We are very fortunate that wherever we live, we have abundance and beauty all around us that we can both enjoy and advocate for. In most places, there are tiny plants and animals that would go extinct were it not for the work of locals in love with the nature they live beside. I hope my work can contribute to Florida's unique and important conservation efforts by expressing these forms in beautiful ways. 

I'm a member of the Viridis Art Collective, our website is here.

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