Watercolors of Florida native plants and animals

About me:

Iā€™m an artist living and working in South Florida, painting native plants and animals to promote awareness of our local endangered species and their habitats. 


If people can't see the plant or animal, how will they know to protect it? Growing up, I had no idea so many local species were at risk of extinction! When I started to uncover these problems I felt compelled to spread the word through art, as Audubon and Douglas seem to have successfully been able to do in Florida. My watercolors of realistically-rendered native flora and fauna and the drama of their intricate relationships build upon these art traditions. The intention is to both celebrate Florida species and educate.


Central to my practice is being curious, learning and painting the species that fascinate or delight me most. I also highly value collaboration with environmental organizations, scientists, educators, artists and enthusiasts of plants and animals. My work has helped to raise money and/or appeared in educational material, online resources, coloring books, zines, scientific illustration, and symbolic installations for people and groups across the state. Of particular interest are pine rocklands habitats, the Split Oak Forest, and Florida panther. Current projects include illustrations of native plant gardens, and maps of the Florida peninsula to show projected improvements to the everglades with the construction of the EAA reservoirs.


I'm a member of the Viridis Art Collective, our website is here.

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