Pine Rockland Zine

Pine Rockland Zine is an ongoing "tiny magazine" series about South Florida's plants and animals featuring the globally imperiled Pine Rocklands habitat of South Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas.
Pine Rockland Zine 2018
Originally created as a 12 month subscription in 2018, this publication chronicles the people, animals and plants in this unique and dwindling world. All profits from the sale of this zine go to support the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition. 
Pine Rockland Zine Climate Change Edition 2019
A collaboration with the Frank Gallery and Broward County Office of Resiliency which seeks to address questions about how climate change will affect the people and animals of South Florida and provide resources to get involved. Download a free digital copy bellow, or order a hard copy in the shop, all proceeds go to support the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition.