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9x11" archival giclee print 

Limited edition of 25

Hand-torn deckled edge

Signed, titled and numbered in graphite at the bottom

A portion of the proceeds go to support Bound by Beauty

This common south Florida plant is shown here with 2 growth patterns, the tall central one occurs in wet part-sun locations, and the smaller ones to the left and right occur in dry and sunny locations. It hosts 4 butterflies!: Grey hairstreak (top left), mallow scrub hairstreak (top right with wings folded), common checkered skipper (left) and tropical checkered skipper (right).

Plant: Sida Ulmifolia


-Pyrgus communis (common checkered)

-Pyrgus oileus (tropical checkered)

-Strymon istapa (mallow scrub)
-Strymon melinus (grey hairstreak)

Wireweed limited edition print

  • Height: 11 Inches; Width: 9 Inches

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