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Original watercolor professionally matted and framed with archival materials and non-glare UV protective glass. 16.5 x 14.5" total size with frame.


About the painting:

Part of a series of 14 illustrations of common Florida native plants that host butterflies in collaboration with Bound by Beauty, to educate and encourage the planting of native plants. These illustrations are used in their free Field Guide to Wild Plants, download here! The originals from this series were shown at the Weeds to Wildflowers exhibit at the library from April to April 23, and their next show is in March 2022 at Flamingo Gardens (details will be announced in my newsletter).


This common south Florida plant is shown here with 2 growth patterns, the tall central one occurs in wet part-sun locations, and the smaller ones to the left and right occur in dry and sunny locations. It hosts 4 butterflies!: Grey hairstreak (top left), mallow scrub hairstreak (top right with wings folded), common checkered skipper (left) and tropical checkered skipper (right).

Plant: Sida Ulmifolia
Butterflies: Pyrgus communis (common checkered), Pyrgus oileus (tropical checkered), Strymon istapa (mallow scrub), Strymon melinus (grey hairstreak)

Wireweed, framed original watercolor

  • Height: 16.5" Width: 14.5" Depth: 1"

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