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7.5 x 9.25” archival giclee print

Printed to the scale of the plant species

Limited edition of 15

Hand-torn deckled edge

Signed, titled and numbered in graphite at the bottom

A portion of the proceeds go to support Bound by Beauty


St. Augustine Grass

Watercolor 10x12"


The 16th of 17 illustrations of common Florida native plants that host butterflies in collaboration with Bound by Beauty to educate and encourage the planting of native plants! (The goal was originally 14 illustrations but we added 3 more to bring it to 17)


This is the dominant grass that is used in South Florida lawns!! I was surprised to find out it was native!!! The message of this painting is right plant, right place, and reduce pesticide use. This grass thrives in wet habitat types here in Florida, so it when it is used as a lawn it often uses a TON of water to be healthy, straining the aquifer. In the correct locations, this plant would need no water and would benefit the Florida environment by being a host plant and seed producer for birds. 

Plant: Stenotaphrum secundatum

This is a host plant for the (starting with the grey on one the left and going clockwise): Carolina satyr, whirlabout, sachem, broken dash, clouded, eufala and fiery skippers

St. Augustine Grass limited edition print

  • Height: 9.25 Inches; Width: 7.5 Inches

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