5.5.5” archival giclee print

Printed to the scale of the plant species

Limited edition of 25

Hand-torn deckled edge

Signed, titled and numbered in graphite at the bottom

A portion of the proceeds go to support Bound by Beauty


Spurred Butterfly Pea

Watercolor 6x8"

The 10th of 14 illustrations of common Florida native plants that host butterflies in collaboration with @theboundbybeautyproject to educate and encourage the planting of native plants!

This one is not as widespread as the others. It's a beautiful host plant for the long-tailed skipper and the northern cloudywing skipper. 

Plant: Centrosema virginianum 


Spurred Butterfly Pea limited edition print

  • Height: 5 Inches; Width: 5.5 Inches