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Original watercolor professionally matted and framed with archival materials and non-glare UV protective glass. 26 x 33" total size with frame.


About the painting:

Made in 2017, this painting was inspired by my curiosity about the native mega flora around me. This series explored the many multi-faceted relationships between these plants and the fauna around them. 


Sea Grapes provide moderate food and significant cover for wildlife along the tropical coasts of the Americas and islands. They are vital to the preservation of coast, and prevent erosion and damage from storm surges. Endangered Florida Beach Mice rely on the habitat this plant provides and are mostly all endangered due to the loss and fragmentation of coastal sea grape habitat. Sea Grape is also credited with being an excellent light pollution wall along the coast, protecting hatching sea turtles from disorientation! It's dark showy leaves get as big as dinner plates, which I think is the most visually striking thing about it. I have such fondness for this beautiful native species! 

Sea Grape Relationships, framed original watercolor

  • Height: 33" Width: 26" Depth: .5"

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