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My final project for Printmaking class at FAU was a multi-panel series called Pine Rockland Ecosystem. These particlular pieces from the series were made using an unusual photo etching method. A special film with the photograph is printed, adhered to a rigid surface and the positives washed away, then it is printed like a traditional etching! It creates this old photopraph look.


Numbers 1 -3 depict the Miami Pine Rocklands. (The first two have a lil bonneted bat at the top! It’s more visible in the 2nd one)


Numbers 4-7 depict a Marl Prairie/Pine Rockland ecotone.


Number 8 is a smaller image of the Miami Pine Rocklands


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Pine Rockland, Marl Prarie photo etchings

  • Frame under glass out of direct sunlight so that the pigments don't get damaged and faded. 

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