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Original watercolor professionally matted and framed with archival materials and non-glare UV protective glass. 26 x 33" total size with frame.


About the painting:

Made in 2017, this painting was inspired by my curiosity about the native mega flora around me. This series explored the many multi-faceted relationships between these plants and the fauna around them.


Mangroves play vital roles for animals and people around the world. Here in Florida they stabilize the coastlines and provide a nursery to juvenile fish. most of the game and commercial fishing industry species rely on mangroves for either feeding or reproduction.Pictured here is the great blue heron, representative of some of the birds that utilize mangrove habitat as nesting or feeding ground. The endangered Barbados yellow warbler. Juvenile fish, snails and the endangered smalltooth sawfish also appear.

Florida Mangrove Relationships, framed original watercolor

  • Height: 33" Width: 26" Depth: .5"

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