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9x12" giclee print on hot press paper, edition of 50

Byrsonima lucida is a rare Florida pine rockland plant I photographed on a field trip with the Dade Florida Native Plant Society in spring of 2018!

It has interesting relationships with some equally rare insects that are also only found mostly in pine rocklands. It's the host plant (along with the Barbados Cherry plant) for the Florida Duskywing skipper butterfly , and the food source for a beautiful oil-collecting bee that bears its name, also called Wandering Centris. Other fun names include Spiny Bear's Breech. I have no idea why this bee has such interesting common names but I could not find the source of them online. .

This was the first time I've ever heard of a bee that collects oil, it apparently scrapes it off of the outside of the flower with its hairy legs?? Anyways, if anybody knows more about this bee let me know, I love its little orange color and pudgy body so much! 

Locust Berry Relationships limited edition print

  • Height: 12" Width: 9"

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