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16x20” or 8x10” archival giclee prints, titled and signed at the bottom of the image.


About the painting:

Watercolor 36x42"


Panthers are an umbrella species, sharing their ranging habitat with many Florida critters.


Florida panthers currently live almost exclusively south of Lake Okeechobee, especially Big Cypress. Conservationists hope they will move north to utilize territory in the rest of the Florida wildlife corridor. For now though, their most immediate threats are habitat loss south of lake O. Their continued survival likely depends on cities and counties resisting the urge to allow housing and “development” in panther habitat. South Florida Wildlands association has done a good job of addressing this threat on that level and their work was the inspiration for this piece!


Florida Panther in Big Cypress print

  • The large print will need to be flattened out, since it is shipped in a tube.To do that, keep the print wrapped in the paper it comes in and lay on a table for a few hours weighted down under a book or other flat object/s (just heavy enough to hold it down) to make it lay flat by itself. (small is shipped flat already)

    Frame under glass or plexi out of direct sunlight

    Framing suggestions: the large print will look good even unmatted because of the white area around it, into a 17x17" or larger square frame. The small one will also do well in an 8x8, although you may find more selection for 10x10 or 12x12 size frames

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