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12x12" archival giclee print


Lizards! The most common Florida lizards around me are all non-native species due to our runaway exotic pet trade (iguanas, cuban anoles, brown anoles, curly tails). Pictured here are all native Florida species!

Lizards pictured here:
-green and brown-morph anoles
-reef gecko 
-five-lined racerunner

And flavor:
-Sunshine Mimosa plant
-limestone rock 

It’s an illustration for the exciting Pinecrest Gardens, Upper Garden trail signs! Its a new garden focused on inclusivity for children of varying abilities with a significant focus on autism sprectrum children. It has a playground, petting zoo, learning garden and a new multipurpose building known as the "Inspiration Center." The signs are for a nature trail focused on backyard nature in south Florida and building habitat for various native animals

Florida Native Lizards

  • Height: 12 Inches; Width: 12 Inches

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