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12x12" archival giclee print


Florida beeeeees. They live in the ground, in sticks or in holes, and mostly live alone. These are the bees that are threatened and declining, not honeybees. Honey bees are not native the US and are harmful to native bee populations by outcompeting them for nectar resources. Interestingly this can also lead to lower crop yeilds! 

This image incudes the following bee species:

-Centris Errans (top right - oil collecting)
-Melissodes communis (middle ones)
-Megachile pruina (the leafcutter)
-Halictus poeyi (bottom right near the ground nest)
-Augochlora pura (green on the left)
-Megachile concinna (poking out of a stick nest) 

And the following plant species:
-Saw palmetto
-Blue porterweed
-Leavenworth's tickseed
-Florida ironweed
-Spanish needles

Florida Native Bees

  • Height: 12 Inches; Width: 12 Inches

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