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17x17" or 8x8" archival giclee prints, titled and signed at the bottom of the image. 10% of profits to the South Florida Wildlands Association this year as they fight to protect panther habitat!


They are tiny and cute (they only grow to 30 inches tall at the shoulder!!)and are endnagered, liveing almost exclusively on Big Pine Key where they eat mangroves and thatch palm berries, finding dry ground and freshwater in the pine rocklands there. The National Key Deer Refuge also protects other endangered species, such as the Schaus Swallotail butterfly and Miami Blue. Also Included are some other species found in the keys, like grey snapper, mangrove skipper, yellow warbler (reference copyright Nancy McKown, used with permission) common buckeye butterfly and a chicken for good measure! (chickens are naturalized in Key West and always remind me of the Keys, I just had to include one)

Florida Key Deer Relationships print

  • Small Height: 8 inches Width: 8 inches

    Large Height: 17 inches Width: 17 inches

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