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12x12" archival giclee print, in a limited edition of 50, numbered, titled and signed in graphite on the bottom of the image. 10% of proceeds from this print will go to support the South Florida Wildlands Association as they fight for the protection of panther habitat this year, of which this plant is a part.


Chapman's Cassia is one of the most beautiful Florida natives in my opinion. It grows into a large bush or small tree, sports these large orchid-like flowers, and is a perrenial! It's also a host plant for several sulfur butterflies (like the cloudless sulfur pictured). I first encountered this plant at Meadow Beauty Nursey in Lake Worth and took it home, and each bloom was more amazing than the last! It's natural range is Miami Dade and Monroe counties (southern tip of Florida) but Meadow Beauty and mine are a little further north, in Palm Beach County.

Chapman's Cassia limited edition print

SKU: 2
  • Height: 12 Inches; Width: 12 Inches

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