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I print these cards myself! (see last image) 3 cards and 3 white envelopes in a kraft evelope with a label on the front.


Paper: 60lb. Polar Matte by Red River Paper, with papery blank insides


Printer: Epson 3880


Fun fact: both the paper and ink are "archival", which for inkjet prints means that they will hold their color without fading for 50-100 years. 


These plants are all Florida native species! Pineland Croton and Locust Berry are from the Pine Rocklands habitat (I photographed the reference photos in Miami) and the Pine Lilly is from the Dry Prarie of Cental Flroida (photographed at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve) (The host for the Palamedes Butterfly is the Redbay, which is behind the Pine Lilly - that flower species is featured because the Palamedes is a key pollinator for the threatened species) 

Butterfly Host Plant Stationary Cards

  • Cards (3) - Height: 4.5" Width: 6.25"



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