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Panther Conservation Actions!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Dear friends,  Here are 2 urgent conservation calls to action to take part in this week! Feel free to email me if you want to talk about any of these issues, I'm very passionate about them. Hope to "hear" you at some of these this week! The information here comes from the South Florida Wildlands Association. #1 Seminole County Land Swap When: Tomorrow (April 28th) at 1:30

What it is: There is a publicly owned and taxpayer maintained natural area in Seminole county which has great ecological importance. The county very rashly took a step toward swapping this land with a larger but less ecologically valuable parcel of cattle ranch land. The swap would result in the natural area being bulldozed and turned into housing. The developer who owns the cattle ranch wants to do the swap because the land he owns now is not zoned for the type of construction he wants to do, and he's trying to find away to get around that. This isn't the first time he's tried to find an "in" with the county. Unfortunately, this time the county took the bait, but now that they know better they are going to decide on whether to back out at the next meeting (on the 28th) To attend and speak, follow the link above and sign up, then join the meeting tomorrow at 1:30. You don't need to deliver an eloquent speech, a minute to voice your support of taxpayer funded conservation land is very helpful! You can also sign this petition, which is just another way to show the commissioners just how important this land is to the community. How to attend: Sign up to speak at this link

#2 3 Toll Roads Through Panther Habitat When: Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 to noon. 

What it is: Three toll highways, voted into law before studies were carried out, would be built with taxpayer money between Collier County and the Georgia state border, crossing some of the last best conservation land for the Florida panther. Not only that, but the intention of the roads is to bring new construction into those areas. They would cause the Florida Panther to become extinct. They are called the M-CORES transportation project. This week, three online task force meetings will invite public comment! See the links below to register. The Southwest-Central corridor is the one that will be going through panther habitat, the others will cross the Florida Wildlife Corridor in the north.  This is by far the most troubling conservation challenge for the Panther, and the inspiration for my current painting! I plan to focus on this issue closely, and do everything I can to help prevent the roads from being built. I will share updates and information about how to help throughout the year. Read this article if you want to learn the ins and outs of the issue! How to Attend: Sign up on both the attendance and speaking forms using the links below (one for each of the 3 roads)

April 29: Northern Turnpike Corridor Connector:…/northern-turnpike-corridor-webinar/

April 30: Suncoast Corridor Connector:

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