Pine Rockland Zine 2018 is a collection of my year-long project completed in December 2018, of tiny monthly magazines or “zines” that I mailed to subscribers throughout the year. The project culminated in 14 issues, 17 contributors and over $600 raised for conservation! Contained in this collection are conservation success stories, curious plants and animals, and profiles of artists making work about the pine rocklands, to name a few! Join my mailing list for updates on the next installment of Pine Rockland Zine, as I continue to make watercolors of pine rockland plants and animals and learn about this special habitat :)

Pine Rockland Zine

48 full color pages of Pine Rocklands art! This is my for-charity publication containing my art and the art of other Florida creators, all about one of our most globally imperiled habitats, giving all proceeds to conservation of that habitat. I have been creating art almost EXCLUSIVELY about the pine rocklands plants and animals over the past two years in order to make this publication, and it is one of the projects that I am most proud of :) 

All proceeds (about $10 per book) got to the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition: www.miamipinerocklandscoalition.org

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