About the zine subscription Service:

- Only $25 for a whole year of zines. $5 go towards printing and shipping costs, and $20 is donated to the MPRC.  

- Each month a zine is created and mailed to subscribers.

- The zine can be signed up for at any time and I will send you all the zines your missed when the first package is sent.

- The size of the zines are small, only 4.25". They can be read for free online (links on this page) and downloaded.

- Pine Rocklands are one of the rarest habitats in the world, with less than 2% remaining. They are home to many endangered and endemic plants and animals found nowhere else, including the Florida Leafwing Butterfly, Florida Bonneted Bat and iconic Miami Tiger Beetle. Destruction and degradation of habitat, especially in Miami-Dade County is one the greatest threats to this habitat. The goal of this zine is to raise funds for MPRC through subscriptions, and to raise awareness about the pine rocklands and the challenges it faces.

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Basically, Pine Rockland Zine Mailing List members receive the issues by email each month, but also a lot more. A lot of thought and research goes into each issue but I often run out of room in the publication itself to include it all, so that will go into the emails. You are basically getting the zine in longer, more detailed format. This is good for those who enjoy going a little more in-depth about the information, or for those who just would prefer to read the issues on the computer. This service is free, I hope you enjoy!

The emails are once a month (no more, no less), I promise not to be annoying :]

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Pine Rockland Zine

The Pine Rockland Zine is a monthly publication and subscription service created to raise awareness about one of Florida's rarest habitats and benefit the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition. Monthly issues feature art and information about the globally imperilled Pine Rockland habitat of Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas. $20 out of the $25 subscription fee is donated to the MPRC as they continue to fight to protect the remaining tracts from developers. You can also read the issues for free here!:

October 2018

Zines For Pines

September 2018

A Short Guide to Voting

August 2018

Needing Space

July 2018

8 Artists Make 8 Drawings of Endangered Plant Species, With The Viridis Art Collective

June 2018

Finding The Lost Atala: Roger Hammer's Rediscovery of The Missing Butterfly

May 2018

Hosts: Two Plants and Three Butterflies That Eat Them

April 2018

The Photography of Paul Marcellini

March 2018

Florida Fire Cycle

February 2018

Richmond Pine Rocklands and Coral Reef Commons

Historic and Current Range of Pine Rocklands

January 2018

Some Pine Rockland Flora

December 2017

Some Pine Rockland Fauna