13x15.5" archival giclee print, titled and signed in graphite on the bottom of the image.


A family of Red Cockaded Woodpeckers, with the holes they alone manufacture which serve as homes for other birds and small critters as well. (making the red cockaded a keystone species of the long-leaf pine ecosystem!)

This was inspired by my trip to the Fairchild Botanic Garden during their Pine Rocklands Conference, during which I learned that the critically endangered Florida Bonneted Bat may have at one point in it's history also lived in the woodpecker's holes. However, the red-cockaded has been extirpated from the habitat, so no more woodpecker holes for the bat-o's. The bats have been apparently living in Spanish-tiled roves since then. Look closely and there is a little bat in the background! Other species known to utilize the holes as homes, and which are included in this painting: Piliated Woodpecker, Eastern Flying Squirl, Grey Treefrog, and various other species of woodpecker including the Red-Headed.

Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers large print

  • Height: 16 Inches; Width: 13 Inches