Original watercolor professionally matted and framed with archival materials and non-glare UV protective glass.


Please Note, delivery after July 4th:

Free delivary between West Palm Beach and Kendal. I will contact you after checkout to set up a date and time! If you live outside of this area, I will contact you to discuess other shipping options.


This piece is being shown at the Mutualism exhibit at the Biscayne Bay National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center from April 13rd to June 4th. It will be delivered the week of July 4th.


About the painting:

A family of Red Cockaded Woodpeckers, with the holes they alone manufacture which serve as homes for other birds and small critters as well, making the red cockaded a keystone species of the long-leaf pine ecosystem!

This was inspired by my trip to the Fairchild Botanic Garden during their Pine Rocklands Conference, during which I learned that the critically endangered Florida Bonneted Bat may have at one point in it's history also lived in the woodpecker's holes. However, the red-cockaded has been extirpated from the habitat, so no more woodpecker holes for the bat-o's. The bats have been apparently living in Spanish-tiled roves since then. Look closely and there is a little bat in the background! Other species known to utilize the holes as homes, and which are included in this painting: Piliated Woodpecker, Eastern Flying Squirl, Grey Treefrog, and various other species of woodpecker including the Red-Headed.

Red Cockaded Woodpecker, framed original watercolor

  • Height: " Width: " Depth: .5"