Pineland Croton with Bartrams Scrub Hairsteak and Florida Leafwing Butterflies, original watercolor framed under museum glass 18.5 x 21" (with frame) If you are in the area and can pick the piece up from Delray Beach, let me know so that I can refund the $88 shipping fee!


I think this is the most pine rocklandy thing I've ever made! The Croton was painted with references I took on a 2016 field trip to a recently burned pine rockland, with the Dade chapter of the FNPS. The plants there were GROWING OUT OF SOLID ROCK! (hence the rock) I mean, I knew that plants were growing from rock in the pine ROCKLANDS but I've only seen it when it's a little more grassy and not as obvious. They were happy little plants growing out of rocks. These two butterfly species host in the pineland Croton plant and are icons of the habitat. I was told that they prefer the plant in a recently burned area, because the leaves are fuller and more tender there.


This is how it is shipped

Pineland Croton with Butterflies Original Framed (shipping included)

  • Height: 21" Width: 18.5" Depth: 1"