Fundraiser art! Proceeds from this piece go toward bail bonds of BLM protesters and small business in Richmond, VA as part of the Artist Block Party event on Instagram (@rvaartistblockparty)


Floridians will know this plant as a Vinca. It's small perennial flower that blooms year round and is thought to have been a common flower planted by Black slaves on the graves of their loved ones. The hardiness of Periwinkles (they are invasive in some states but can be safely planted in Florida) is part of the reason they are persisting on these sites for hundreds of years. I've also included shells, which is another common object found in or on top of the grave sites. For more info on this, check out: 


The Periwinkle Initiative (organization)

Separated By Death And Color (article)


Thanks for your support! :)


Periwinkle and Shells Fundraiser for BLM