8.5x11" archival giclee print, titled and signed in graphite on the bottom of the image. 10% goes to the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition, a group dedicated to preserving the remaining pine rocklands in Miami Dade County, part of the home of this species.


The Atala butterfly is a Florida native species that was thought to have gone extinct in the 1950's after intense south Florida construction and exotic landscaping destroyed its habitats and host plants, the Coontie. A small colony was tracked down in the pine rocklands in Everglades National Park and was coaxed from the brink of extinction by dedicated scientists and citizens alike. Now, conservationists can attract colonies of the butterfly by planting its Coontie host, found at native plant nurseries. 

Coontie with Atala Butterflies small print

  • Height: 11 Inches; Width: 8.5 Inches