All proceeds go to the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition, a grass-roots non-profit based in Miami! 


In this year's Pine Rockland Zine I've focued on climate change in SE Florida which is a topic that has always TERRIFIED me as a coastal-dwelling Florida resident. I probably would have continued to ignore it unless the Frank Gallery from Pembroke Pines offered to collaboarte on it with me in September (they in turn were collaborating with Broward County to host a cliamte chage art show). Knowing more about it has had a strange effect on me. It's not any less terrifying but I feel less terrified thinking about and discussing it now, which I think is important because we need to do those things in order to prepare and mitigate it's effects over time. I hope this short zine helps you feel a little less scared too! 


The Pine Rocklands are one of the most endangered habitats in the world, and only occur in South Florida and some Carribean Islands. By far the greatest immediate threat is destruction of habitat for roads and houses (and theme parks), but climate change is a clost second! This zine details some of the conservation efforts being implemented in this habitat, as well as some of the specific challenges faced by comminites throughtout South Florida and what they are doing to mitigate it. It also has a reference section for further reading, and a resources section created as a collaboration with Broward County and climate activists! 

Climate Change 2019 Edition of Pine Rockland Zine

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  • 10 page color zine ("tiny magazine")

    Cardstock cover

    Hand stitched together with a "pamplet stitch"