17x22" Large, archival giclee print in a limited edition of 10. Titled, numbered, signed and words hand written in graphite. 


Brazilian Pepper is a cat 1 invasive species in Florida and some other US states, covering over 700,000 acres in central and south Florida in monoculture, blocking out the light for herbaceous plants and secreting toxins into the soil to prevent trees and shrubs from growing around it. in 1850 it was brought to Florida, as many other invasives often are, as an ornamental plant.

It has some interesting relationships with the local species, as a nesting site for wading birds, a source of pollen for Florida beekeepers, and a source of food for migratory birds like the Cedar Waxwing and American Robin (who consequently end up spreading BP seeds across the state, allowing the plant to pop up in protected parks and otherwise pristine land) the continuous removal of the plant from protected areas is one of the modern realities for park volunteers and park rangers. 

Brazilian Pepper Relationships limited edition large print

  • Height: 22 Inches; Width: 17 Inches